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Bill Olson
Bill Olson

Bill L. Olson, Founder/Publisher/Editor
Bill L. Olson is a third generation Texan who has hunted and fished over much of the western half of the North American continent, from Mexico to Alberta Canada.  He is the Founder and Publisher/Editor of Texas Outdoors Journal.  In 1996, 1999, 2001-2013 Texas Outdoors Journal was named one of Texas’ Top outdoor publications in an annual competition amongst other Texas titled magazines held by the Texas Outdoor Writers Association.  On February 27, 2016 Texas Outdoors Journal was once again awarded First Place as Texas’ best Major Outdoor Publication.  No other magazine in Texas can make a similar claim.

He co-hosts the multi-award winning weekly outdoor news-format, Texas Outdoor News radio show.  For the past 23 years the program has aired weekends on affiliates in Houston, Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Victoria, San Antonio, Uvalde, Center, Nacogdoches, Tyler/Longview, Comanche/Brownwood, Conroe and Lake Charles LA.  The show can also be heard worldwide on iHeart Radio and Stitcher.com, the free internet radio platform for SmartPhones, computers and vehicles.

Olson is an avid big game hunter with numerous elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, antelope, bear, moose, turkey and various predators to his credit.  In 1994 he successfully spotted, tracked and harvested a huge Shiras moose in Northern Colorado that made the prestigious All Time Boone & Crocket Big Game Record Book.  At the time of harvest it was the third largest moose ever taken in Colorado.

He is also an avid saltwater angler and licensed U. S. Coast Guard Master Captain.  Growing up near the Texas coast, he spent considerable time honing his skills while wading and drift fishing the entire coast for “Texas’ Big Three” – speckled trout, redfish and flounder.  He pursues big game fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean Oceans.

In March 2006 he joined the TV broadcast team on FOX Sports Outdoors - Southwest.  Each week Olson’s “On the Coast” report updates viewers as to where the hottest action is occurring, both inshore and offshore, along Texas’ Gulf Coast.

Olson is a staunch supporter of many conservation groups.  From 1989-1995 he served on the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation National Board of Directors.  Utilizing his extensive real estate and marketing background, Olson headed the Lands & Conservation Committee where he played an instrumental role in most of the habitat acquisitions during his term.  He and his late wife, Ann, founded and chaired the Houston RMEF Chapter 1988-1992.  This chapter has perennially been one of the top fundraisers in all of North America for RMEF.  At its 2012 Silver Anniversary Big Game Banquet Houston became one of the first 10 RMEF Chapters, out of 550 nationally, to surpass $2 million net raised for elk and other wildlife.

In March 2009, at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Silver Anniversary 25th Annual Elk Camp and Expo in Fort Worth, Olson was once again nominated and elected to serve on the RMEF National Board.  He completed his most recent term in February 2012.

In March 1995, Olson received a State appointment to the Board for “Texas’ Operation Game Thief” from Texas Parks & Wildlife Executive Director, Andrew Sansom.  During his six year term he helped to increase public awareness of this anti-poaching organization by both consumptive and non-consumptive users of the outdoors.

Throughout each year he presents numerous seminars on a variety of hunting and fishing activities and conservation topics.  He also serves as the MC at a number of outdoor shows and fundraising events.



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