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The Bluebook of Gun Values

Bluebook of Gun Values

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Gunn is a fifth generation Texas rancher and a recognized firearms expert with a lifetime of hunting experience from Alaska to Africa, as well as competitive shooting in a variety of disciplines. His many articles have appeared in such magazines as Texas Outdoors Journal, GUNS, GunWeek, and SHOT Business. Here are just a few samples of Harold's best work in Texas Outdoors Journal.

Why Ruger Why?
Stuff for the Stocking
Make It Personal
Time to Hunt . . . for Stuff
Let's Talk Turkey
Brushytails Forever!
Lock and Load
More Good Stuff
Expand Your Reference Library
Fast and Furious
Rule the Night
A Hunter's Library
Tactical is Practical
A Shooters Library
America's Gunmaker
The Practical & Economical Hunting Jeep: Part 1
The Practical & Economical Hunting Jeep: Part 2
Is Your AR Ready to Hunt?
Mossberg's MVP
Get A Grip
Pack Up Your Kit
Presto! Change-O!
New form Mossberg and Other Good Stuff
Air It Up
Good Glass for Long Range
Gear Up for the Hunt
Cheap Practice Makes Perfect
The Practically Perfect Cartridge
A Rash of Rugers
Dove Season Guns and Gear
Pack Right, Pack Light
When Size Matters
Stuffing for the Stocking

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