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Texas Outdoor News™ is now in its 21st year as Texas' Most Honored Outdoor Radio Program. The program is hosted every week by Harold Gunn and Bill Olson.

Harold Gunn Bill Olson
Harold Gunn Bill Olson

Harold Gunn brings a lifetime of broadcast experience to TEXAS OUTDOOR NEWS™ based on over 40 years as a writer, producer and host of radio and television interview and entertainment programs. He has written, produced, and been a spokesman in thousands of commercials. Gunn has produced programming regionally, nationally, and for syndication. He is familiar to companies around the world through his years of appearing on the highly successful “Safety Shorts” videos.

Bill L. Olson is a third generation Texan who has hunted and fished over much of the western half of the North American continent, from Mexico to Alberta Canada.  He is Publisher/Editor of Texas Outdoors Journal.  In 1996, 1999, 2001-2012 Texas Outdoors Journal was named one of Texas’ Top outdoor publications in an annual competition amongst other Texas titled magazines held by the Texas Outdoor Writers Association.  In February 2013 Texas Outdoors Journal was once again recognized as Texas’ best in the Major Outdoor Publication category. 


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